These services will be coming soon.

As we are in our infancy, we hope to provide Investigation Services, Transportation services, as well as Youth and Husbandry Services.

Investigations- The Humane Officer is of vital importance. Due to increased crime rates local law enforcement agencies have found it increasingly difficult to effectively investigate allegations of animal cruelty and abuse.  The Humane Officer will have the ability to conduct investigations, work with the District Attorney’s Office and bring those accused to justice!  Animal cruelty is on the rise and these crimes need to be addressed by an agency that is not over tasked with other crimes to investigate.  The Humane Officer for the Guardian SPCA is mission oriented to complete this task. Your financial assistance will help us be the voice for those animals that cannot advocate for themselves.  Your help and donations can help us meet these needs and these goals.    Under the authority from the California corporations code 14 502 Guardian SPCA has a chief with over 30 years of criminal investigation experience. Mike Rangel, a former Los Angeles Police Sargant and Detective within the Robbery Homicide unit will take the lead and oversee the other Humane Officers’ assigned to the Guardian SPCA.  All our officers have basic investigative experience, law enforcement training and background. They will be able to address those significant issues related animal cruelty crimes. Our collaborative partnership with the Victor Valley/Apple Valley Humane Society (VV/APL) means we have the ability to work with veterinarians as well as other Humane Societies. We will be able to provide the enforcement necessary to protect animals from future abuse. There are huge benefits to the community since it operates strictly based on donations provided through grants and foundations.

Our Transportation Division provides safe travel logistics for several reasons. When funded we look for animals in locations that would be adopted faster if it was in a different region. We have seen animals sit in shelters that would be adopted in another region because of the breed. For example, an Alaskan Malamute may not be adopted in Palm Springs California because of the breed, but if we safely transport it to a shelter in Colorado, or a colder environment, this animal will have higher probability of adoption.

We hope to provide services for you the future owner of an animal. If you need safe transportation logistics for your pet but it is in New York, and you are in Oklahoma, problem solved!

Our Youth and Husbandry Program will consist of an after school, summer and weekend program for youth and adults who want to learn about animals and how to take care of them. We will provide tours in our shelter and will teach our students husbandry. If you are interested in a career in animal care we will soon teach, develop, and help you obtain these goals. Your donation will soon help provide a person the ability to give back to the community as well as obtain a career in the field of Animal Care.

Pursuant to California Penal Code section 597 it is a violation of the law to abandon an animal without providing proper care or attention. For this reason do not leave or drop off animals at our facility,  please contact animal control shelter office for further details.