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Guardian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Formed as a public benefit nonprofit organization to provide humane officer services combined with basic education and awareness.  Our program is three parts:

1.       Humane Officer we see a need to provide local shelters with Human Officers, providing Investigative Services for abusers, and relocation logistics. We believe combining our years of law enforcement, investigations and education is the best use of our efforts. Putting more focused resources in over crowed animal shelters. Helping local law enforcement with cases unsolved and or not enough resources to pursue animal related criminals. We provide safe travel logistics and seek funding dollars to provide and support these efforts.

2.       Our Cadet Youth Program– Our mission is to prevent victimization through education, training and awareness. We develop collaborations with other organizations to better serve and meet these goals.  We provide animal shelter, rescue and rehoming of neglected or abused animals; facilitate community interaction and awareness with both students and adults in regards to basic animal care and husbandry. We provide after school, Summer and weekend programs. The youth program is designed to prepare youth and adults who wish to enter a career in the field of: Humane Officer, Animal Control Officer, Fish and Game Warden, Bureau of Land Management Ranger and Federal Wildlife Ranger.

3.       Create and Maintain a loving and providing shelter program in the San Bernardino county area. Our goal is to build, maintain and add a veterinarian service to the region. It has been hit hard with closing shelters. Our transportation division, when funded, is vital in the efforts to helps shelters across the us. If here is an animal that needs a safe ride to another part of the country, we will do the transportation logistics. We have seen animals sit in the hot desert when they really belong in a cold environment in order to be adopted.

Please, would you consider donating to help our program needs. Your donation is tax deductible and is vital for this program and our animals to THRIVE.

Pursuant to California Penal Code section 597 it is a violation of the law to abandon an animal without providing proper care or attention. For this reason do not leave or drop off animals at our facility,  please contact animal control shelter office for further details.